Payment is required in full before items will ship. I accept  cash, paypal, and can accept credit and debit cards through paypal invoicing which does not require you to have a paypal account.

**Please  Note Material Costs Are Non Refundable on Custom Items**
1. I work in several different wire types. The first is artistic wire which is a non-tarnish plated wire and the least expensive.  The second is 14k Gold or Silver Fill. This wire that is a percentage of pure gold or sterling silver bonded to a solid core. The final type is 14k Gold or Sterling Silver and are the pure forms of these metals. Both the fill and the pure prices fluctuate depending on current gold and silver prices when ordered. I also now have the ability to order Rose Gold, Titanium and Platinum wire.
2. All ring cabochons are secured with an industrial strength jewelry adhesive. Faceted gems are secured with wire or snap-sets.
3. I do offer lay away and payment plans for regularly priced merchandise as well as custom orders.
4. I will hold a non auction item for up to 2 weeks. Also if I send an invoice and you cant pay right away because of issues or need me to cancel it cause of financial issues I understand just let me know asap.
5. If you are having rings re-sized it may take up to 2-4 weeks for me to get this done depending on order load. The cabochon adhesive I use takes 24 hours to cure. On other re-sizes types it may take up to 2 weeks depending on order load.
6. Shipping is $3.50 and is a flat rate charge per order. Insurance however is extra and needs to be requested. If you are an international or APO customer contact me so I can give you the estimate.
7. Payment on custom orders is required up front but can be made in payments.
8. If there is a problem with your order please contact me FIRST  If you file a paypal dispute before you contact me and allow me 24 hours to answer then I will BAN you. Email:
9. IF YOU EMAIL ME add MY addy to your approved list. There is nothing more frustrating then repeatedly replying to people and them not getting it because it went to their spam folder.
10. I put lobster clasps on all my necklaces, bracelets, and anklets as I have found they are the least likely to malfunction or break. I do have toggles, eye clasps, (the kind they normally use on necklaces) push ins, and magnets available upon request at no additional charge. *As long as they are in stock and are not in precious metals.
11. I have posts, hooks, and clip-on’s available for earrings if you need another type simply message me. I also have sterling and 14k gold hooks available upon request for a additional fee.
12. Facebook GIVEAWAY WINNERS: I will tag you in the comments on giveaways, email if it is provided, and pm you. IF YOU DO NOT CLAIM IT AFTER 3 days I will award it to a new winner. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check if you won and in your other folder on FB and your spam folder if emailed.

13. I do my best to get orders shipped in a timely matter sometimes I do have delays. I am a stay at home mom with multiple chronic illnesses.

14.  Your jewelry has a 5 year repair warranty.

15. If you request me to repair jewelry that was not created by me there will be a time charge. Also I do convert clip on earrings to posts or hooks for the same rate.

Amber Thibodeau