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         I hope you enjoy looking at my collection of handcrafted  bead, gemstone, and  cabochon wire wrapped jewelry designs.  My goal is to offer you beautiful and unique jewelry at a reasonable price.  I offer free resizing on all my handcrafted jewelry; this includes necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and rings.*  (Ring sizes 1-15 available) To see all of my jewelry designs simply scroll down to the gallery at the bottom of this page.  I am happy to remake any of my designs when possible. I offer a 5  year repair and re-size warranty on all my handcrafted jewelry.  If  your jewelry breaks no matter the reason I will be happy to fix it, simply mail/deliver the pieces at cost. Your business matters.  For information on my return policy please see the practices and policies page.  I offer custom jewelry at the same affordable rates as my other jewelry. To see examples of my custom designs and learn more please visit the custom orders page.

          It is important to me to keep my jewelry affordable while still using the highest quality materials. The reason for this is before I became a jewelry designer I was a single mom on disability.  I loved jewelry but could never afford to buy anything for myself.  When I started designing I promised myself I would offer my jewelry to all people including those on fixed incomes.  Every one deserves to have beauty in their life.  This is also the reason I do my holiday surprise program. How I keep my costs low is by selective buying on supplies and by making my items in NON-tarnish artistic silver or gold wire that offers the look and feel of precious metals without the extra cost.  I do offer jewelry remakes and some items in 14k gold, gold fill, sterling silver, silver fill, nickel silver, brass, titanium, platinum and copper wire.  The only additional charge is for the cost of  the higher priced wire. I do not however work in square wire.

***********You probably noticed the purple butterfly in my logo. Yes I am a proud Fibromyalgia Warrior.***********

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